Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Photo-a-Day Slideshow {Hogan}

A Picture Every Day of My First Year | Hogan

Before Hogan was born, I decided to do a 'Photo a Day' album for him.  Take a picture every day during his first year and put them in an album.  Sounds simple.  Well, in the beginning, It wasn't hard at all.  Just like his monthly pictures I did, they steadily got harder with each day that passed.  I survived though and was able to snap at least one picture of him every day.  Some days, as you will see, may just be a picture of him sleeping because that was the only time he'd be still long enough for me to get a picture.  Some days the picture was taken at 11:45 that night because I'd not been able to take one all day!  Nonetheless, I love the outcome and have finally gotten them put into a slideshow.

My Slideshow | Hogan Keith Smith

{On your mobile device, tap the video and it should play.  You may have to tap twice.}

Creating the Slideshow:

I reviewed several options for creating this slideshow.  I found that Windows Live Movie Maker was the best option for me.  I was able to add 366 pictures, add my own music, and edit the music the way I wanted.  No other FREE slideshow maker gave me those options.  It was super easy to do.  If you're creating a shorter slideshow, I definitely recommend Smilebox.  They have several different layouts and themes to choose from.  I couldn't use Smilebox for mine because I had so many pictures that my slideshow would have ended up being 45 minutes long.


I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect songs for his slideshow.  I really didn't come across anything I loved, except for "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean.  That one is just a classic when it comes to babies, so that was a no-brainer.  I decided to just find my own music.  I'm not super thrilled with the way I had to set my music up, but to make it for free, this is as good as it gets.

"Welcome to This World" by Renee & Jeremy

I love this song.  When I came across it, I knew I wanted it to be the opening song of his slideshow.  The words are so simple, but mean so much.  Welcome to this world, perfect for a newborn baby.

"Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift even though I am 26.  This song makes me cry every time.  It definitely tugs at the heart strings.

"I Wish I Could" by Collin Raye

When I think of Collin Raye, I immediately think of the song "That's My Story" for whatever reason.  Little did I know, he also sings this song that is perfect for a first year slideshow.  Every mom and dad wishes they could bottle up the memories from that first year.

"This Little Light of Mine" by Addison Rose

This song was one of my favorites during Sunday school as a kid.  I love her version of this song.

"Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean

If this song does not make you cry, nothing will.

"Ain't That Love" by Ray Charles

My husband is a big fan of Ray Charles, so I knew I wanted to close the slideshow with one of his songs.  This one was so fitting and it has been stuck in my head ever since I downloaded it.  Every time I hear it, I think of Wes & Hogan.

Word to the Wise:

If you're planning on doing a 'Photo a Day' challenge, I recommend working on it periodically.  I know that's hard, especially if you're trying to do this with a newborn, but it will make your life a lot easier when you decide to finish it up!  I did not work on it at all until after Hogan's first birthday.  It has taken me a solid two weeks to get it done.  There were a lot of long hours put into making this slideshow and his photo album.  I think I could have done it in a third of the time if I had worked on it throughout the year.


I am not usually sentimental when it comes to Hogan growing up.  I didn't cry each time he reached a milestone, I didn't cry when he turned a year old, and I don't cry thinking about the things he'll do in the future.  But for whatever reason, I cried the whole time I made this slideshow.  It's like it just hit me that he'll never be that small again.  He will never fit in my arms like a football, he'll never need me to hold a bottle for him, and before long he won't need me for much of anything.  He's slowly becoming more and more independent with each day that passes.  While this warms my heart that he is getting smarter and less dependent, it also makes me sad.  It saddens me because one day I will have to let him out into this world alone and let him figure everything out on his own.  I know Wes and I will prepare him as best as we can and there's no doubt that Hogan will be ready to explore the world on his own, but will WE be ready?  I'm not ready to think about our home when ours kids are grown and on their own.  I'm just going to enjoy them being little for the short time that I have them all to myself.  By the way, I'm chalking up my emotional breakdown I had while creating this slideshow to my current pregnancy!  

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo- Andee

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