Friday, September 27, 2013

We Love Autumn!

 Autumn Days

Hogan Keith

 I have always loved Autumn.  It just seems like the weather is always perfect.  The air is just brisk enough to cool you off, but there's still some warmth too.  I've never appreciated Autumn like I do now that we have Hogan.  During the summer, it was hard to take him outside much because it was either too hot, too sunny, or one of those summer thunderstorms was making its appearance for the day.  Autumn is just perfect, especially early Fall.  The temperature is just right and it stays daylight just long enough to get out and enjoy the day.  We had another fantastic time playing outside for a little bit today.  I'm sure lots of people in the South did!

Happy boy!

What, Mom?
I'm going back in the house!!!

Just forget it, I'm leaving!!

Amazed at the solar lights.

Also amazed by the cars going by.

I love you, Mom!  I was just kidding.  I'm staying!

I hope everyone had a fantastic day!  Hogan is so happy again because his dad got home today after being gone all week!  We're so glad to have him back again!

Happy Fall!
xoxo - Andee

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