Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Day at the Fair

Hogan's First Trip to the Fair

Wes is from Lawrenceburg, TN and he always says that the Middle Tennessee District Fair is the best one around.  We've always gone to Lawrenceburg for the fair ever since I met him.  This was our first trip to the fair with our son!  We knew he would probably be too small to ride anything, but we thought he'd enjoy the experience anyway.  Anytime Hogan hears kids screaming and yelling, he immediately does the same.  It melts my heart every time.  As soon as we got out of the car and started strolling to the entrance, Hogan heard kids screaming in excitement and he showed his super-fun personality by doing the same.

Taking it all in.

Since he was too small for the rides, we started off by letting him visit the animals.

Not so sure about the llama.

Here, horsey!

"Why's him not with hims mama?"

"Let's get outta here!"

The first thing Mama did was make Dad go get her a homemade, frozen lemonade.


To the Games We Go!

Fishing for prizes!

"I got one, Dad!'

"What'd I win?"

His first fair prize, a stuffed alligator!

Giving his prize some sugar!

Let me just say that Wes is the best Dad ever.  He is always eager to try new stuff with Hogan and show him how things are done.  When we came upon the "Ring Around the Duck" game, Wes was sure he was going to win him that big Panda bear!  Fifteen rings and all we needed was one around the neck.  We left empty-handed.  It must've been rigged.

Getting low on rings...

Last one.  We didn't like those ducks.

Ferris Wheel

Our little family.

Winding Down...

It was a long day of walking, but it was worth every second.

We had such a fun day and the weather was perfect!  We can't wait to go back next year so he can enjoy the rides too.  People always say that little boys are so much fun and they sure are right!

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xoxo - Andee

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