Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Baby Became a Boy

 Our Baby Became a Boy

When did this happen?  It's so cliche, but it's also so true.  Time flies by so fast.  The first year of Hogan's life is gone in what feels like an instant.  It's a good thing we're about to celebrate the first year of our second child's life or this mama would be super sentimental.  I'm not sad that he has grown up, I'm just hoping I did everything possible to make it special for him.  It truly does seem like yesterday that I was holding an 8 lb 9 oz baby in my arms for the first time and now I'm holding a 27 lb, toddler boy.  One thing is for sure, he looked just like his dad the day he was born and he looks more and more like his mama all the time {in my opinion}.

That Smile

This one is my absolute favorite.  It's that smile.  I love when he smiles at me like this when he has done something sneaky or when he's not sure if he should be doing whatever it is he's doing.  Either way, this smile melts me and I'm so happy that she was able to capture it for me to have forever.  I know one day he will be too grown up to give me this smile, but I can always look at this and remember it forever.

For you, Mama.

How Does This Look?

Classic Hogan.



I love the newsboy-hat look.  Our photographer always brings lots of hats and Hogan is a hat wearer so this one was perfect.  

These Are Mine

Hogan wanted to get up and walk as soon as we would sit him down.  He discovered the rocks on the ground, his first experience with rocks, and in true, boy-like fashion, he fell in love with them.  They were a great way to keep him occupied, maybe more occupied than we needed!

"Can I keep them, Mama?"

All Aboard, Choo Choo!

I love the look on his face.  He's wondering why no one is getting on the train.  

Conductor Hogan

'Hay,' Mama!

We weren't expecting there to be hay in the middle of the park, but we sure were glad to see it!  Hogan loved it and I'm surprised she was able to get even one picture out of the whole bunch.  He would not look up from the hay!  He had a lot of fun with it though and that's worth more than a hundred pictures.

Taking a break from the train rides.

Mama's Boy

This photo is Hogan.  This is the way I see him when he's not with me.  It's the way I will remember him when he's a grown man.  This is my baby.  I love this baby with every ounce of my heart and no matter what, he will always be my first-born son.  He will always be the big brother to Watson.  He will always be that little boy that laughed when Dad yelled "bam" or "pow."  He will always be the boy that gave me sugars every time I picked him up because that's what we've done since he was born.  He will always be that boy that stole his mama's heart.  He will always be Hogan.  My sweet, little, baby boy Hogan.

My Heart.

Our photographer for these photos is Joie Dawson of Asher Layne.  She also took Hogan's newborn pictures.  She did a wonderful job both times and we couldn't be happier.  Here is a link to her website, Asher Layne.  She also has a Facebook page, Asher Layne, which is where she shares a lot of her beautiful work.  Go check her out.

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xoxo - Andee

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