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A Day at the Children's Museum of the Shoals | Guide

Children's Museum of the Shoals

Our first trip to the Children's Museum!
I have been wanting to take Hogan to a Children's Museum for a few months now.  There were several in Birmingham that we could have visited, but I wasn't familiar with any of them and he was still so young that I was afraid he wouldn't be able to enjoy it.  We moved back to Florence in July and he was ten months old.  After procrastinating for a couple of months, we finally made time to take him.  I invited my sister-in-law and my two nieces to come along with us.  I thought Hogan would enjoy the experience more with familiar faces around him.  I researched a little bit about the exhibits they have so I would be prepared for what he would want to do, but I just couldn't seem to find much information on their website about it.  I decided to take lots of pictures during our visit {it's just my nature} and do a blog post about the museum for other moms.  I hope it helps some of you with younger kids.

Sarah Grace, Hogan, & Anna Faith ready for FUN!

The Music Room

We started our visit off in the music room.  There were tons of different instruments for the kids to play with, I'm not sure exactly how many.  Hogan loves drums and I do know there were several different types of drums in there.  If your kid likes drums, you'll definitely want to stop by the music room.

Walking Piano

The walking piano is really neat.  It's basically just a giant piano that plays music when the keys are stepped on.  The sound on the piano was actually not working during our visit, but he still loved to walk on it.  This is great for kids of all ages.  Hogan has only been walking for about two months, so he's still learning depth perception.  There's a step up to get on the piano and if you're not careful, he'll just walk right off of the "cliff."  That's my only piece of advice for the piano.


Like I said before, Hogan loves drums.  There was an abundance of drums, but this particular one was his favorite.  I have no musical instrument knowledge whatsoever, so I won't even attempt to guess what kind of drum this is.


Hogan loved the tambourine.  He walked around with it for several minutes.  Aside from the drums, this was his other favorite instrument.

Noise Makers

I'm not sure what these are even called.  I just know that if you bang two of them together they make noise.  Kids love them.

Musical Sticks

I'm not sure what kind of drum or instrument this little stick goes to, but Hogan would not put it down after he found it.

Construction Site

I thought this exhibit was really cool.  I think little boys probably like this one more than little girls, but it's still fun for everyone.  There are lots of things to do.  There are plumbing tools, electrical wires, and places to hammer nails.  It's definitely a learning experience.

Did Someone Call a Plumber?

They had little aprons for the kids to wear and they were so adorable!


These cardboard bricks were so fun.  He loved them and he also loved dragging the safety goggles and gloves out.

Train Table

What little boy doesn't love trains?  Hogan could have played with this all day!

Water Exhibit

I thought it was really cool how they had this water exhibit to demonstrate how a dam works.  It's very educational.  One of my favorite field trips in elementary school was when visited Wilson Dam.

The Fox Hole


This was the cutest, little hideaway!  Hogan loved playing in it and looking out and seeing everyone.  It was definitely one of his favorite parts of the trip.


This exhibit was definitely for older kids, but it was Hogan's favorite part of the whole museum.  It helps teach braille to kids by using the balls and muffin pans.  It is really neat.  


Hogan loved pulling the teeth out of the mouth.  I know this is supposed to be educational, but a one year old knows nothing about teeth, except that they hurt when they're coming in!

Texture Tunnel

This was so fun!  The texture tunnel is completely dark on the inside and there are several different types of flooring inside.  You are supposed to feel your way through the tunnel with your hands.  I didn't think Hogan would ever go all the way through it, but with Sarah Grace's help, he did it like a pro!

Dress Up!

Anna Faith definitely loved the dress up exhibit better than anything else!  There were lots of different outfits to try on and play around in.  Hogan just kept giving himself sugars in the mirror.

The Reading Room

There were lots of different things to do in this room.  Hogan loved it.  There's a play house and a kitchen.  There's a place to shop for groceries.  There's lots of books to look at and read.  There's just a variety of different things to do.

He's a climber.
Doing the dishes.
Grocery Shopping
May I take your order, please?
Let's Slide!

Kid's Corner


World Clocks
I definitely recommend visiting our local Children's Museum.  I think our museum is the perfect size for a day of fun.  We spent a little less than two hours in the museum today, but definitely could have spent several more hours!  The price can't be beat.  I paid $5 for myself to get in and Hogan was free because he is under 2 years old.  If you've been looking for an fun, easy outing with your toddler, go visit the Children's Museum of the Shoals!

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