Saturday, October 12, 2013

My First Haircut {Hogan}

My First Haircut

Our first haircut experience.  Let's just start out by saying that it was nothing like I expected.  I don't know why, but in my mind I had this plan of how everything would go.  Hogan would sit in the chair and get his haircut, smiling the whole time, all while I snapped a hundred pictures.  Um, no.  Not how it happened at all.  It never even occurred to me that he may be scared, scream, cry, or anything of this nature.  He's such a mild mannered child and I rarely have to deal with him crying in public.  There have been a handful of times that I can remember that happening in his first year.  While we were getting ready to leave for his haircut, Wes said, "He may not even let him cut his hair."  That's the first time it occurred to me that he might not like it.

Before Pictures

Hogan could have definitely waited on getting his first haircut, but the back was getting too long for our liking and his bangs were touching his eyebrows.  He had some cute, little curls that flipped out over his ears, but they sometimes made people confuse him for a girl.

Going In!

They were actually both getting haircuts.  I can't tell which one was more nervous!

The Chair

Like I said, I just wasn't prepared for what was to come.  Hogan hated the chair.  Tony tried sitting him in the children's chair, but he screamed as loud as he could.  We tried him sitting in Wes' lap next, not happening.

Look at that face!

Our last option was Mama's lap.  Here's how that went...

We were finally able to get him calmed down a bit.

The First Snip

Word to the wise, make sure you remember to get the first snip of his hair.  With all of the chaos, I forgot all about it and when the haircut was over, I was trying to collect hair off of the floor.  I was able to get a little, but it was a challenge.

The look on his face in these pictures says it all.  Scared. To.  Death.

Through it all, we were able to get one picture of him actually smiling.

After Pictures

He got to enjoy his sucker while Dad got his haircut.

Two, handsome babes!

Afterwards, we had to go home and change clothes because we were all covered in hair.

Before & After

The First Morning With My New Haircut

Brushing my new hair-do!


This is just a little advice from a first-time mom and her first haircut experience with her child.

1.  We took every one of his favorite toys, nothing helped.
2.  The only thing that seemed to calm him down was when we pulled up a Mickey Mouse episode on my phone.
3.  They WILL cry.
4.  You MIGHT cry.  Luckily, I was able to remain calm and laugh, but that's not my nature at all.  I'm usually the one that gets stressed and panicky.
5.  You will both survive.  When you think there's no way the stylist is going to be able to cut his hair, they will.
6.  Take them to someone you know, they'll have more patience.
7.  Don't forget to take before pictures, just for keepsake.
8.  Take extra clothes.  You'll be covered in hair afterwards.
9.  Do not go alone.  Go with your spouse, or a friend, anyone.
10.  Just enjoy it.  Through all of the tears he shed and the screams, I love thinking back on it and laughing.  Through it all, we were able to have fun.

We decided to take Hogan to Tony Brown for his first haircut.  All of the men in Wes' family have gone to him for years, so Hogan had to follow, of course.  He was so good with him.  I can't imagine having to cut the hair of a screaming, squirmy child, but he made it look easy!

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xoxo - Andee

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